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China Teaching Model
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1. Product name: wind tunnel model, test model, test model, test model
2. Product use: mainly used in the test of science and education test and equipment construction, such as desulfurization and denitrization test, dust removal test, building air duct, subway wind tunnel test, etc.
3, production material and craft: the model of the main body made of transparent acrylic material appearance 7-20 mm material thickness, the structure of the internal use of stainless steel metal materials and aluminum profile production, layout details that mold made of resin material import and export made or cold plate metal duct and transparent acrylic tube production.
Appearance model according to the order when producing units to provide drawings, models for secondary split after drawing, mechanical engraving, artificial joints, metal using large-scale laser engraving, argon arc welding formed.
4. The production time of the molds: the production cycle of the normal experimental die is 7-35 days.
5. Model ratio: 1:8-120, the smaller proportion is determined according to the actual content.
6. Payment method: 30% down payment of the total cost before the production of the mold, and 60% of the total expenses after the final acceptance of the material mold, and 10% of the remaining payment after the goods are delivered.
7. Mode of transportation: the material module is made in sections, and the flange screws are used to connect.
The finished product model is packaged with standard air box and delivered by logistics.China Teaching Model
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